Thursday, July 18, 2024

Hold Fast

 DJT gave the Macleod Hold Fast warrior fist when the deep state tried to take him out- It was divine intervention- I knew then that the swamp will be drained of all of the  parasites cheaters and frauds that are in our system- Macleods are Vikings- violence is in our nature- We don't look for trouble  but when it finds us there is war like none other- That's what warrior poets do- We fight for a higher purpose out of our deep love for people and to continually fight for our freedom 

Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Devil Bill

Dr. William Levingston was actually an itinerant salesman with a phony name who created a concoction of oil and laxative and branded it as a cure for cancer. Since cancer was a dreaded and usually fatal disease, people would buy and try literally anything for a cure.

He would explain that if his miracle cure was strong enough to beat cancer, then it would most certainly take care of a whole lot of other diseases as well! When William came to a new town, he would mesmerize and trick people into buying his “miracle cure.” As soon as anyone questioned the his phony operation, he would ride out much faster than he had originally arrived. William was indeed a fraud and a con artist, but he somehow always managed to escape arrest or lynching. He died in 1906 at the ripe old age of 95. Earlier in life, he reportedly bragged “I cheat my boys every chance I get. I want to make ‘em sharp.” 

However, Levingston’s name was indeed a fraud. His real name was William Avery Rockefeller, Sr. and one of those ‘sharp’ sons was John D. Rockefeller, who was soon to become the richest man in America and grandfather of David A. Rockefeller, founder of the Trilateral Commission in 1973-.( Dr Robert Yohos blog)

Monday, July 15, 2024

Entitled Politician

 Charles Burkett the Surfside Fla mayor is an entitled duesh who interfered in a traffic- citation in an attempt to get his two cents in- That's why we don't like politicians this guys ego is way out of bounds- First of all he should be applauding this cop for giving a ticket for tinted windows- He said that is what he was doing but the cop allegedly gave him a dirty look-

Is this clown so self important that he expects every cop to recognize him or actually know who he is- Mayors are not  special to say the least- Seriously this was a poor demonstration of leadership- Do you know who I am he said-

How do these dueshes end up as politicians- I don't feel like checking it out but it says he is an investor- Ya like getting grease money and favors- Tinted windows are shady you cant see the driver therefore hand signals are obfuscated so accidents are more likely-

More often then not tinted windows is sending a message like you are hiding something and  means that your  driving dirty- Its good that tickets are given out- All of these slimy politicians were going along w the COVID con and muzzles- Have everybody dress up and look like a criminal while suffocating themselves

Trust the science- I trust these people like our arch enemy pulling that scam off and actually getting away w it- Now they are trying to bring it back again- Tinted windows and muzzle your face ya our politicians are as shady as they come- The  mayors job is not as tough as cops so stay in your own lane and show some deference and respect to these men and women who actually have real courage- They face unexpected dangers and risk their lives every day something that clueless and entitled politicians no nothing about- They are too busy being sucked up to and having executive protection details

Tuesday, July 9, 2024

You Want Revolution

Pay them more don't make it sound like the system is fair- Managerial positions are still minimum wage in today's market where the greed is coming from up above- A matter of crime is making it sound like she got off light and that she shouldn't have received another job- What are you going to do stone her and starve her to death- Ya she betrayed the company but the companies have been betraying their workers for ages by not only paying them pennies on the dollar but also by working them like slaves- Why should the slaves be paid nothing while the far cat corportists who do little or nothing make millions and today even billions- The system has failed rents are too high and not commensurate w the wages these slaves make-Hyperinflation meanwhile food prices are still through the roof- You reap what you sew-The revolution should have happened by now-

So what do these fat cats do when they get caught red handed gaming the system w/ high risk derivatives- They get rewarded millions while a few small fries do the time- Donny boy Rumsfeld couldn't account for a few trillion right before 9-11 but then they lock up a working slave working at Target and claim that she got off too light-

The feds lie w/ the IRS and have their slimy politicians tell us why we are fighting the wars- Federal taxes they steal from the working slaves and put that right back into the robber barons pockets- They lose wars and our troops continuously get killed and then they cover up and lie about every major investigation-

Now everything is going to hell in a handbasket and is a total shutshow- An inept imposter who cant even speak running for Potus- The Marxists letting all hell break loose by letting the people on the street rob loot and pillage- Maybe they know the system is a sham so they are letting it get destroyed- If Frank Lucas was bringing in dope during the American Gangster days w/ NYPD on the take and then cia Air America- cocaine in the 70s 8os and 90s are we supposed to believe that they aint bringing in the poison shit now-

Its like they figured out how to kill people quicker by lacing everything w/ fentanyl- While the Sacklers of our world intentionally started the whole dam thing- Predictive programing- They know how to target the weak and vulnerable

Saturday, July 6, 2024

Obummer Highway

 Welcome to Obummer highway one of the most dangerous around- That would be the former Manchurian candidate who is now endorsing some imposer who is a co conspirator to stealing the 2020 election- This dementia ridden individual couldnt even put two sentences together during the first debate- And his ego is so big he puts himself before America- If you aren't up to the job then step down try to think about we the people instead if your own continuous self aggrandizement- 4 years one of the worst presidents now he cant even speak properly- Its time to hang up your spikes-

This is what America has come to Marxist Obummer w/ his false flag phony tears and the most violent highway around as far as shootings- It is a place that is so violent and dangerous no store wants to open up around that area its too much of a liability- Dominos drivers used to need a police escort now they fly at their own risk. One of them was ambushed and murdered recently not too far from Obummers highway-

So instead of trying to help the local community since he has name on it  by making the area safer so businesses can open up he terrorized America w/ a fake shooting and made believe that little children were murdered in New town 30 miles from where I used to live- Then he has his goombahs threaten arrest  sue and harass  a legitimate investigator somebody I consider to be my friend- He is also  a national school safety expert that was just trying to do his job-

Now he endorses some ineffective individual who hasn't been doing America any favors- Why is it that its nearly impossible to run a business in these hell hole cities anti capitalist let the migrants and hoodlums run around and cause severe havok- That's Obummers legacy fake tears and the most violent stretch of highway in Palm Beach County-

Tuesday, July 2, 2024

Cop Killer

 These two brother thugs from Bristol CT where one of them ambushed the cops and murdered two of them was a brazen act of cowardice and callousness- Only a flat out psychopath would lure cops to his home and open fire w/ a weapon of war and  murder police officers that were just doing their job-

The only thing that was as disturbing to view was the ambush of Darian Jarrott in New Mexico- I dont want to get into mental states and all of that but those two brothers had the maturity level of less then 12 years old- Starting out by elbowing somebody in a bar their overall vernacular and then verbally abusing the cops when pulled over where the killer should have been arrested for the earlier incident-

My take is he knew one of the cops which led to the clowning around but that definitely wasn't proper command presence under the circumstances-

So they legitimately got a disturbing the peace citation which led up to the horrific event- This individual had serious mental problems which was clear as day and apparently was on the anti depressant alcohol drug cocktails during the preceding weeks and months- The cop who was shot in the leg pulled through w/ that amazing 78 foot shot in the dark to take that scumbag out and put an end to the killers reign of terror- I heard some diabolical noises coming from the killer as he unloaded multiples of more rounds while the cops were on the ground and more then likely already deceased-  His mother definitely wasn't proud of him she was horrified.

Thursday, June 27, 2024

Crimes Galore

 It takes 5 years for clinical trials- Operation Warp Speed where they couldn't wait to roll out this jab-  No matter how many times I try to give these fraudsters the benefit of the doubt they always find a way to deceive lie and connive-

 We have been hit w/ a massive Mk Ultra bomb- That is major trauma- It started out years ago but recently it's been a huge pysop of epic proportions- That would be psychotropic warfare and medical chemo poison / pet mafia Lies- That our dogs need to get jabbed for rabies and others- These jabs cause side effects giving the dogs the very symptoms they are supposed to be protecting them from- Rabies- something that is non existent- Just more fear mongering in an attempt to gouge the owners make more money thus to  gain more control-

Did your dog get his shots brain wash- No and I didn't get the jab either- I am an anti masker and an anti vaxxer- I cant stand weasels in the media like jJim Cramer w/ his talk about various vaccines like these things are a gold mine-

Jason Hanson talks about his cia background and what it is supposed to represent-Protection defense and all of that good stuff- Honestly I cant listen to him anymore- Lets take a look at our cia- They assassinated JFK and lied about it w/ a bogus white wash that has lasted to this day- They gave us Operation Mockingbird in the media and Mk Ultra lying and weaseling every step of the way-

FBI and CIA were both involved in the false flag on 9-11 as well as the cover up and investigation- They are scum traitors of the highest order and corrupt to their very core- Now we have millions dead from wars they started as well as the drugs they not only brought in but also  have prescribed w/ impunity- Oxy Contion the list goes on- They couldn't fight 2 wars the right way totally inept- Incompetence- While our American soldiers and others continually got killed or gravely injured- We have child trafficking and pedophilia and many missing children-

Our judiciary is corrupt Manhattan DA was trying to make believe they were separate from the doj/ feds and strictly a state issue promising that  their would be no deep state shenanigans- Lies betrayal weasels- Let  the hood looms and migrants into our country and out onto the street and then  initiate bail reform at the same time as when  the scamdemic was deployed- Thus  causing major chaos and destabilization -And then try to gas light  everybody that everything is ok and that we are the ones w/ the problem-

If our judiciary is corrupt then its obvious that wall street and our financial sector is too- Mk Ultra esoteric garbage- Nobody can understand and relate to CNBC- And that was the number one thing I learned at fraud school- When things seem too complicated that is usually a red flag and in many cases is an indicator of fraud-  So my question to Jason Hanson is What does the CIA really do?